Wellness Programs

Chair Yoga

This class is specifically designed and instructed for people who have had injuries, have chronic conditions, weight challenges, inflexibility or have difficulty with the physical requirements of floor exercise. Your instructor will adapt regular yoga poses and modify them specifically for you. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body, allowing you to take full advantage of yoga's amazing fitness and health potential. Focus on flexibility, concentrate on stretching your muscles, and allow your body and mind to experience a release of stress and tension through the focus on yoga breath.

To learn more please contact Jamie at 440-816-4223 or janderson@swgeneral.com.


Learn how to relax the body and mind through meditation. Discover ways to tap into the wisdom of your higher self. We will use meditation to clear the energy channels in the body, meet your spirit guide, find the best mantra for you, and much more. Start here to learn how to meditate and to learn how to easily incorporate meditation into your busy schedule.  If you have experience in meditation and enjoy the energy of group meditation, please join us and share your energy.

To learn more please contact Jamie at 440-816-4223 or janderson@swgeneral.com.

Fitness is Power®

Fitness is Power® is an exercise program for breast cancer survivors. It's a funded program to provide breast cancer survivors with a 6-month fitness plan including one on one fitness coaching, support and even an oncology massage. Candidates for this program must have received services at Southwest General. Donations are accepted any time.

For details and qualifications please contact Mallory at 440-816-4304 or mdiebel@swgeneral.com.

Pre-Op Hip Knee Program

This exercise program is physician-referred for patients scheduled to have hip or knee replacement surgery. The program offers 4 or 8 week session options.

Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinsons

Generations Senior Living

LifeWorks is now a Rock Steady Boxing facility to provide those with Parkinson's this amazing program. This program is for most levels of progression in the disease. From the newly diagnosed to the advanced in wheelchair. Exercises and movement are specific and tailored for each fighter. Sponsored by Generations Living.

To contact us, please call Jamie at 440-816-4223 or janderson@swgeneral.com.

RX for Health

This 60 day exercise program is designed to help manage chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes & cholesterol. Participants will receive one-on-one appointments with a fitness coach, an individualized exercise program and nutritional guidance. All participants have full access to the LifeWorks facility and to over 100 complimentary group exercise classes.

For more information please contact Katy Momirovic, fitness coordinator, at 440-816-4222 or kmomirovic@swgeneral.com.

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