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LifeWorks Personal Training

- One-on-One training: designed specifically for you
- Motivated coaching: keeps you accountable
- Educational: learn what you need to know to succeed
- Variety of exercises: keeps it fun and interesting
- Results driven: achieve the results faster and safer
- Comfortable: work with a professional at your pace

Achieve Your Goals with MYZONE

Reach Your Fitness Goals
Research supports that you can reach your fitness goals in half the time by simply working with a certified professional trainer.  At LifeWorks, we'll match you with the right trainer to motivate and inspire you.

Get Started Today!
New clients receive six (6) 30-minutes sessions for only $99! For a complete schedule of pricing, please click here.

Contact Leigh Cavalli, Training Coordinator, at 440-816-4207 or to find your perfect trainer.


Pamela Houston, ISSA-PT certified
Pamela's passion is to help as many people as she can live a healthier lifestyle. She enjoys training clients seeking weight-loss, those recovering from injury and especially developing programs for seniors.  Whether training on land or in the water, Pamela’s goal is to make sure her clients stay motivated and have fun while exercising. Pamela’s motto:  Age is just a number - you are never too old to change your life.

Rob Pansmith,  BS Exercise Science, ACSM-PT Certified
Rob is a former collegiate lacrosse player, passionate about helping others reach their fitness and health goals.  He strives to help his clients live happier, healthier lifestyles by keeping them motivated, accountable and driven towards their goals.  Whether you are new to exercise, coming back from an injury or simply trying to get back on track, Rob is your go-to guy!

Davon Jones, MS Exercise Science
Originally from Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), Davon feels the need to apply health and fitness not simply as a part of life, but rather as a lifestyle. As a former Division I Soccer Athlete and National (T&T) Track and Field athlete, he specializes in efficient and simple workouts designed to improve metabolism, achieve weight loss, develop strength, and build self-confidence. When he’s not training, Davon enjoys doing outdoor activities, trying new sports, and cooking Caribbean food!


Karin Cottman, MS Exercise Science, ACE-PT certified
Karin has experience working with diverse populations ranging from the new exerciser to the experienced exerciser wanting to take their program to the next level. She has experience in weight loss, general conditioning, and muscle toning and building. Karin believes a consistent fitness program combined with a proper diet can yield big results. If your workouts are fun, yet challenging, you will be eager and motivated to do them.


Mari Kudla, NCSF-PT certified
Want to become an elite athlete or consider training for a bodybuilding or figure competition? Mari can show you the way with a customized program designed for your body—and where you want to take it! Mari is an  I.F.B.B. Figure Professional who has spent several years training and competing at an elite level in the fitness and figure categories.  She loves using her competition experience to guide women towards reaching their goals. 

Jamie Anderson, BS education, ACE-PT certified
Jamie has 16 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor (spinning, TRX, yoga, pilates, and reformer).  Jamie’s area of specialization includes core training, creating personalized workouts to strengthen core muscle using a variety of disciplines including yoga, pilates, TRX training, free weights and machines.   She is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals by improving their body and changing their lifestyle. 


Faye Foster, ACE certified
Faye has over 20 years of experience as an instructor and trainer.  She is currently pursuing her degree in Exercise Science.  Faye is enthusiastic about showing the OVER 40 that it is never too late to improve their fitness level. Faye teaches Spinning, Muscle Conditioning and our TRX Suspension Group class. She also instructs our famous Baby Boomer Bootcamp.


Brian Biggs, BA Physical Education/Sports Management, ACE-PT certified
Brian has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He enjoys working with a diverse population, including teenagers, elite athletes, the average fitness participant and senior citizens. Brian is our “go to” guy for everything SPORTS SPECIFIC! Brian enjoys making a difference in people’s lives!  In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing drums and recording music. He is also an avid hiker and backpacker.


Brett Thomas, BS Exercise Science, ACE-PT Certified
Brett has been in the fitness industry with over six years experience.  Brett enjoys working with people of all ages who are motivated and determined to live a healthy lifestyle.  His interests include spending time with his family, camping, swimming and biking.

Laurie Clark Roath, BS Kinesiology, ACE-PT Certified
With over 17+ years experience in the fitness and wellness field, Laurie now pursues her Physical Therapy Assisting degree. She has spent the last 7+ years conducting fitness programming for seniors. Laurie believes that physical fitness holds benefits for all individuals regardless of age and ability level. Her fitness philosophy, enhanced by her positive attitude, will help you achieve success.


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