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Water Schedule

Aqua Tabata

Tabata workouts are high intensity, interval training. The class will combine tabata training with traditional Go H2O exercises. Although the tabata intervals are to be high intensity, lower intensity modifications can easily be made and will be given by the instructor.

Aqua Yoga

Held in the warm water pool, enjoy the benefits of yoga in the water. Focus on flexibility and strength.

Aqua Zumba

Our popular water workout has returned. Its Zumba in the pool. Easy to follow and fun! Due to the specificity of this class, if the instructor is not available for a particular class, the class will be canceled for that day and the class will be notified in advance.

Deep Action

Fun for everyone! Participants will have the option of wearing a floatation belt or the Hydrofit® buoyancy cuffs for the action packed cardiovascular workout in the deep water. This class will include a short warmup, 3040 minutes of cardio work, and finishes with some abs and muscle conditioning work. Participants wishing to advance from a belt to the Hydrofit® cuffs should arrive 5 minutes early to class so the instructor can give instructions on safe use of the Hydrofit equipment.

Go H2O

This intermediate level class includes a 10 minute warmup,35-40 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning followed by muscular strengthening using aqua dumbbells and other forms of equipment. Music is used to keep class motivating and fun!

Strength and Condition

A 30-minute muscle conditioning class in the water using a variety of equipment.

Warm Water

This class takes members through a series of specially designed exercises that condition muscles and improves range of motion. With the aid of the water’s buoyancy and resistance, the warm water and gentle movements help relieve pain, stiffness and improve joint flexibility.

Water Pilates

A Pilates workout in the water to strengthen your core, while lengthening your muscles and creating flexibility.

Water Walking

A great transitional class to get you from warm water to the lap pool. The intensity is more challenging than warm water but less challenging than Go H20. There is no pounding or jumping, just walking laps forwards, backwards, sideways and other ways. Guaranteed to condition and tone all the muscles including your heart.

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